A French Institute for Engineering and Applied Science

The Ecole des Mines d'Ales is a French Institute for Engineering and Applied Science under the tutelage of the French Ministery in charge of Industry





The missions (objectives) of the Ecole des Mines d'Ales


Engineering Education :

- First year : a common core of engineering disciplines

- 2nd and 3rd year : Graduate School with 4 departments :

  •     Civil and Structural Engineering
  •     Material and Mechanical Engineering
  •     Environmental Engineering and Risk Management
  •     Engineering and Management of Complex Systems


Applied Reseach 
Three Research Centers :

  •     Materials,
  •     Environmental Engineering and Risks,
  •     Computer Engineering and Automation.

Technology Transfer and "Entrepreneurship"

Some Key Figures



Employees : 296


Outside Professors : 250




Budget : 22,4 M€

Turnover : 3M€

30 000 m2 building

12 000 m2 being laboratorie

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